Thermoplastic Line Marking

When it comes to road markings and line markings, you need a solution that is hardwearing, long-lasting, and visible in all weather and light conditions. To make our roads as safe as possible, line markings must stand out in glaring sun or pouring rain, in the height of the afternoon or the depth of night.

At Colourcoat, we provide a thermoplastic line marking solution that’s perfect for all your road marking needs. Our highly advanced products and experienced team can efficiently apply road markings and line markings, using a method that exceeds both industry standards and road safety requirements.

Thermoplastic line marking is the method of choice for many reasons. Thermoplastics have a range of features that make the road a safer place to be, and importantly, they are also cost-effective and fast and easy to apply. This means minimal closures, reduced traffic delays, and more efficient roads overall.

Colourcoat promises unmatched quality and delivery for thermoplastic road marking solutions. We are accredited by the Painting Contractors Certification Program (PCCP) and we meet all relevant standards and specifications. Contact Colourcoat today to find out why we offer the only product in Australia that retains its colour and skid resistance over a 4 million vehicular pass.

Thermoplastic Road Marking

Thermoplastic road marking is perfect for all your road lines and on-road signage. We can provide road markings in a range of common road safety colours. Ideal for creating symbols, letters, and numbers, thermoplastic will be highly visible and highly reflective for years to come. To further increase retroreflectivity, we offer thermoplastic road marking solutions that are embedded with glass beads.

If you want road signs that can also be felt by drivers, thermoplastic is perfect for creating raised sections in your on-road signage.

For more information about our thermoplastic line marking solutions, call Colourcoat today on 1300 260 000.


At Colourcoat we utilise a system like no other, Which allows us to be;

- Unmatched on quality

- Unmatched in delivery

- The only product in Australia certified to retain colour and skid resistance over a 4million vehicular pass

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