• Our mission

  • “Our mission is to provide safe surface solutions with market leading

Our vision is to provide the most cost effective solution,
to making roads safer.

As leaders in the market in terms of speed of delivery,turnaround time, and reduced need of maintenance; our product provides the safest option for the End User -with the least interruption to all Road Users.”

Matt Boswell - Director.
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Who are we?

COLOURCOAT is a wholly owned subsidiary of J&M Road Marking Specialists Pty. Ltd.

J&M has been operating for over 20 years as a trusted supplier to many local councils and RMS, along with both private and publicly listed companies.

With an ever growing focus on Road Safety, J&M is working closely with several Community Groups, and Road Safety Committees to help raise awareness of Pedestrian, Bicycle and Heavy Vehicle activity.

J&M is both PCCP and BROWZ accredited.

16/58 Box Rd, Taren Point, NSW - 2229
  • What do we
    care about?

  • "We bring a new level of 'Industry Best Practise' to High Friction Surfacing. Our Capabilities are achieved by a combination of methodology, equipment and product, but our Performance stems from our core values Safety, Quality, and People."

  • Safety

    Our business is road safety. The culture of safety is forefront in both the end product we offer, and also the way in which we deliver it. Our unique method of installation is what allows this. This is also why quality of our product is so important to us.

  • Quality

    What differentiates us, is not just the procedures we follow, or standards we work to, but taking care, pride and ownership in what we do. Our materials are formulated from years of research and development. Our equipment and methodology are purpose built. The uniformity of the finish we can deliver, without having to rush, is why the functional lifespan of our product will outperform anything else available on the Australian market.

  • People

    For us as a Business, there are many stakeholders that we care about. There are our Clients, the End-Users, our Employees and Contractors, and of course the Road Users that are interrupted due to the nature of construction work. Part of our strategy is ensuring that we address every single aspect of all of these areas . This is what allows us to operate effectively and efficiently.

  • Why choose

  • We will not be beaten on quality, delivery or longevity. Our product, paired with our unique method of application, is the most cost effective option available to the client.

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  • Highest delivery capacity in Australia (1,000+ Square Metres per crew, per shift)

  • We use the only product available in Australia that has a P7 rating, complying with DIN EN 1436.

  • We have the most uniform surface finish, due to our unique application method, and product that we use.

  • We have been operating for over 20 years as a trusted supplier to many local councils and RMS, along with both private and publicly listed companies.

  • PCCP and BROWZ Accredited

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  • For any and all questions, we are more than happy to help. Ask us today about our safe surface solutions.

Thermoplastic / Cold Plastic Line Marking Sydney

Colourcoat are the experts in safe surface solutions for all road coating and line marking paint needs. We can provide surface preparation and durable high visibility surface coatings for a wide range of applications, from school playgrounds to warehouses, sports lines, carparks, bicycle lanes, bus lanes and other road marking.

Our services include:

  • Cold plastic road marking
  • Thermoplastic line marking
  • Thermoplastic road marking
  • Thermoplastic pavement markings
  • Shared path line marking

Our talented team posses the requisite expertise to apply the right surface coatings to the highest of standards. We use only the best quality products, such as the Geveko range of road marking paint, and other surface solutions. Our expertise extends to the application of cold applied plastic (CAP) and high friction surfaces in an array of eye-catching colours from emerald green to venetian red, ensuring spaces are clearly delineated, and making them safer for all users.

The Colourcoat team will comply with all safety rules and regulations and are accredited by the Painting Contractors Certification Program (PCCP), ensuring we meet the NSW R110 specifications for sheet coverage of coloured surfacing on bus lanes and cycleways, and the R141 specifications for pavement marking.

Road Marking Paint

We perform longitudinal and transverse road and line marking in cost-effective and high skid resistant cold applied plastic, fast drying environmentally-friendly waterborne paint, and select thermoplastics. With the right products and an experienced team, road work and pavement marking can be performed with minimal disruption to road users. By clearly defining bike lanes, shared zones, and all horizontal signs and safety directions, traffic flow is optimised and our public spaces become safer for all.

The Colourcoat team will complete jobs large or small on time and on budget. We can comply with all regulations for council and government projects, and create customised solutions for individuals’ requirements. Find out more by calling the Colourcoat team on 1300 260 000 today.