Bus Lane

Bus Lane Road Marking

Colourcoat can provide durable and highly-visible bus lane marking, complying with all New South Wales R110 regulations regarding coloured surface coatings for bus lanes and cycleways. We supply quality brands such as Geveko in instantly recognisable road safety colours including venetian red.

Our line marking can be completed using environmentally friendly waterborne paint allowing fast-drying flexibility on both concrete and bitumen surfaces.

We supply and install only the highest quality cold applied plastic (CAP) for a hardwearing high friction surface. CAP provides a very durable surface in a variety of climates and traffic conditions. When installed properly, cold applied plastic has the ability to withstand climates up to 50o as well as snow-plough damage, and maintains high retroreflectivity even in challenging conditions.

Bus Lane Paint

Colourcoat supply and install superior bus lane paint from our range of road coatings. We are PCCP and BROWZ accredited and our high-quality application method is first to market in Australia and with a moderately-sized work crew we can deliver 100 square metres per hour. The efficiency of application eliminates long wait times and road closures, and the quick dry times mean minimal disruption to traffic. Because our products are hardwearing, showing a P7 anti-skid rating maintained after 4,000,000 vehicular passes, bus lanes treated with our surfaces will remain safer for longer until maintenance and repair works are required.


At Colourcoat we utilise a system like no other, Which allows us to be;

- Unmatched on quality

- Unmatched in delivery

- The only product in Australia certified to retain colour and skid resistance over a 4million vehicular pass

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